• Master Harsha vardhan E.Gujjal of class X is secured 1st position in 'Hindi Debate Competion' at Regional Level Social Science Exhibition and participated in National Level Social Science Exhibition under the guidance of Ms. Nisha Suman, PGT Hindi during 2015-16. 


  • Mu. Gouri Valli, Class X participated in Regional Science exhibition and selected for National level under the guidance of Mr. Durugesh (TGT SST). 


  • Ma. Bharghav and Mas Afzal participated in Regional Level National Children Science Congress held at KV No. 1 Mangalore under the guidance of         Mr.R.Tamil Selvan (PGT-BIO).


  • In, Regional Social Science Exhibition, Kum Gauri Alle, Mas. Harsha Vardhan of class X bagged second position in both English and Hindi Debate Competition at Cluster Level held at KV, Dharwad and both are sent to participate in Regional Level Social Science Exhibition at KV, Yellahanka. Ku. Medha secured third position in English Debate competition at KV, Dharwad.Ma. Harhvardhan, class X selected at Regional level and participated in National Social science exhibition held at Kv Ambala cant.  


  • Ku. Rashida Begum of class XII and Mas Sameer of class VIII participated in the Regional Level Athletics Sports meet conducted by KVS and Rashida Begum Participated in the National Athletics Meet at Gwalior.




This Project speaks about the various developments in the field of Mathematics. it tells about the growth of Mathematics in the form of numbers & equations. This project is developed by Ma. Vishal Ratnam of Class X under the guidance of Shri. K. Balaji, PGT Mathematics during 2014-15 and secured 5th position in the Regional Level Science Exhibition.